Restorative Justice: RSVP

Violence is learned. Violence can be unlearned.
Resolve To Stop Violence.

RSVP Allies
Bringing RSVP to Massachusetts by 2018

Faith Community

           Boston Ten Point Coalition

           Center for Church and Prison

           Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries

           Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO),  Criminal Justice Task Team

           Restorative Justice Task Team; MA Conf., United Church of Christ

           Messiah Baptist Church, Brockton, MA

Survivor Organizations

          Families for Justice as Healing 

          Legacy Lives On

          Renewal House

Re-entry Organizations

            Concerned Elders

            New Start Project

            Project Place 



Social Justice Organizations

           City Mission Society

           Jobs Not Jails

           Justice Resource Institute (JRI)

           EPOCA (Exprisoners and Prisoners Organized for Community Advancement)


         Boston City Council

         DOC Commissioner Thomas Turco

         Representative Paul Heroux

         Representative Mary Keefe

         William Milhomme (Former DOC Director of Volunteer Services)


Noteworthy Individuals

         Dr. James Gilligan (Former Director of Bridgewater State Hospital) 

         Dr. Bandy Lee (Division of Psychiatry and Law, Yale University)  

         Dr. Thomas Porter (Former Director, JUSTPEACE Center for Mediation and Conflict  Resolution, Boston University)

         Dr. Carolyn Boyes-Watson (Director, Center for Restorative Justice, Suffolk University)